Custom Steel Gobos

Customized steel patterns for projecting logos, monograms and décor

Custom steel gobos are the most inexpensive way to project an image. Whether you need to project a monogram of the bride and groom at a wedding, a specific breakup pattern onto your set, or a company logo at a corporate event – custom steel gobos can sculpt the light into the letters and patterns your design needs.

With facilities in both the US and Europe, Rosco is the largest manufacturer of gobos in the world.  Our two art departments ensure nearly 24-hour coverage so that someone is almost always available to work on your gobo design. Ask us about custom steel gobo wheel options or animation effects as well.

Rosco Custom Steel Any Size, Any Fixture

Any Size, Any Fixture

When you order a custom steel gobo from Rosco, we recognize that your design and your situation are both completely unique; this includes the fixture you’re using to project it. Whether you need a tiny gobo for a moving light or an A-size gobo for the latest LED gobo projector, we can make your gobo in any size you need to fit into any fixture, many times at no extra expense to you.

Rosco Custom Steel Wet Etching For Clean Vertical Cuts

Wet Etching For Clean Vertical Cuts

Rosco utilizes a double-sided, wet etch gobo process using thin (5 mil) stainless steel. This process yields a durable gobo with exceptional image quality. Because we etch on both sides, a straight line is cut through the steel, versus a tapered/angled line from one side. Wet etching remains the most precise technique for creating details and fine lines in both glass and steel gobos. When it comes to gobos, tiny imperfections on the surface turn into large issues when they’re projected. Our precise, vertical cuts produce a cleaner projection with less “feathering” of the image than other etching techniques.

Rosco Custom Steel Long-Lasting Durability

Long-Lasting Durability

It may seem counter-intuitive, but not only does producing our steel gobos on thin (5 mil) steel yield a better a projected image, it also produces a gobo that retains less heat than thicker steel gobos. The more heat a gobo retains, the faster it will deteriorate in hot fixtures; especially in designs with fine details. This means that a thinner steel gobo is actually a stronger steel gobo.

Rosco Steel Gobo Quick Turnaround Time And High Capacity Production

Quick Turnaround Time And High Capacity Production

We are capable of producing over 900 B-size gobos in an 8-hour shift at just one of our gobo-manufacturing facilities. This enables us to offer standard next day turnaround for all custom steel gobo orders and same-day turnaround upon request on orders that meet special requirements (additional rush charges may apply for same-day service).

Our high-volume gobo capacity has made Rosco the gobo manufacturer of choice for several light fixture manufacturers around the world. These companies trust that Rosco will deliver a durable steel gobo of their design – on time – no matter how many they order.

Substrate: Stainless Steel

Gobo Thickness: 5mil

Size Range: 10mm round - 28cm x 28cm square (additional charges may apply for extra-large sizes)


Guidelines For Your Custom Steel Gobo Order

  1. Artwork Requirements

Minimum Image Resolution


150 dpi

Line art is not usually degraded by low resolution files. But small text may be difficult to render.

Custom Steel Gobo Artwork Disclaimer: We strive to replicate the original artwork received as much as possible when rendering it as a custom gobo. Please note that metal tabbing is almost always necessary for this type of gobo, and that smaller sized gobos with detailed art or several characters may need to be changed.

  1. Gobo Size and/or Fixture Type
    Rosco can manufacture custom steel gobos to fit virtually any light fixture available. The fixture you use will determine the size of the gobo you need. If you know the gobo size (B-size, M-size, etc) your fixture requires, then that’s all we need. If you don’t know the actual gobo size, many times the fixture manufacturer will provide its gobo requirements, including the gobo’s outer diameter (O.D.) and image area (I.A.). To be sure you get a gobo that fits your fixture, it's always best to provide the make and model of the lighting instrument you are using when ordering.
  2. Logistics
    How many gobos do you need? Remember that the original gobo has a higher price to cover the design and tooling of your custom pattern, while copies of the same artwork and gobo size will cost significantly less.  Do you want an extra copy to have on-hand as a backup? When do you need the gobos? What is the Ship-To address and what shipping method should we use to get your gobo to you on-time? Remember that Rosco Custom Steel Gobos ship the next day after we receive the order.
  3. Pick A Dealer
    Rosco sells through its distribution network of global dealers. We are happy to work with you directly concerning artwork and technical matters for your custom gobo order. When it comes time to place the actual order, however, you will need to contact an authorized Rosco dealer. If you do not have a Rosco dealer that you’re used to working with, we can provide you with a list of dealers that are experts in providing world-class custom gobo service.

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Custom Gobo Guidelines

Preparing And Submitting Artwork

Standard Gobo Sizes

Gobo Fixtures Under 30mm