X24 X-Effects Projector FAQ's

Does Rosco offer a free upgrade to the X24 unit?

No, the X24 is the next generation of the X-Effects. We are offering the Front Module upgrade option as a courtesy to owners of previous X-Effects. Please contact Rosco for details on how to upgrade.

Do I have to upgrade to the X24?

No, the previous X-Effects is still completely supported by Rosco and we will continue to offer parts and service as needed. Only upgrade if you want the 24/7 reliability offered by the X24.

Will my existing inventory of spare lamps work in an X24 unit?

Yes, the X24 is designed to use the SMR202 lamp, but can also use the previous SMR201, though the SMR201 only offers 2500-3000 hours of lamp life.

Can I use my existing inventory of effects glass disks with the X24?

Yes, and No. The X24 is designed to use an effects bezel that is thicker than original X-Effects bezels. The original thinner design can work, but there is the possibility of slipping creating a "jumping" motion. We recommend that you get X24 Effects glass instead.

I want to buy an original X-Effects, is it available?

No, the X24 X-Effects is the only model currently available for sale from Rosco.

I just bought an X-Effects, how do I know if it's the X24 or not?

The X-24 units have a distinctive label clearly marking them as X-24 units.