Scenic Resource Gallery


  • Scenic Artist
    Sabrina Hettinger

This was for our recently spring musical 'Guys and Dolls' the student designed and built Hot Box set. The arch is accordion style built from luan and painted with Rosco Spectrum Red, Rosco Gold, and Rosco Velour black.

We started by cutting a three foot thick plain arch and measuring six inch increments around the arc. Then we took the center point and used a chalk line as a straight edge to mark the rays of the arch to make the accordion shape. The outer points were measured at a six inch slope while the inner points were reduce to a four inch slope.

After cutting the arch it was primed with the house primer and then painted with the spectrum red. Then the gold was applied to one side of the arch to create the highlight while the velour black was used to create the shading on the other side.