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  • Scenic Artist
    Rachel Downs

We painted this 10'x20' drop in just 6 hours as a seminar for the 2013 Kansas Thespian Conference in Wichita, KS. The drop designed by J Branson is a great design for teaching and Rosco donated Supersaturated Paint and Off Broadway paint which made the process fast and colorful. We can water the paint down so it paints much faster and yet it holds all of it's color. For this ENTIRE drop we probably used 3/4 of a gallon of paint, so it goes a long way! Also, thanks to Theatrical Services of Wichita for donating the drop! Picture 1: Rachel is assisted by Cara Spencer as we get started with layout. Picture 2: The high school students practice their color mixing skills! Participation was encouraged in this workshop, and many students helped out! Picture 3: Rachel and Cara work on the grove in the distance. Here's a nice shot of one of my favorite places: the paint shop at Century II! As you can see, it's always a challenge to keep high school kids awake after they've stayed up 'til 2 in the morning. Ha! We ask painting trivia questions as we go and pass out candy for right answers. Picture 4: Rachel teaches students and teachers how to fix that big drip in the sky. I wonder who did that?!?! Picture 5: Six hours later, we're finished! From layout to completion in four 1 1/2 hour workshops. No time to waste! Get painting!