Scenic Resource Gallery


  • Scenic Artist
    John Jones

For a production of "The Exonerated" at L.A. Pierce College, the designer specified a plank wood floor. With our students, we created the look with paint.
We are currently operating in a temporary preformance space while our theater is being renovated. The stage floor is masonite. First we primed the floor with some paint left over from a previous show. Then we laid down a base of tinted burnt sienna and yellow ocher, wet blended in streaks from downstage to upstage. We always use Rosco Off-Broadway paint in our shop. We added the grain using graining tools and two different color mixes, primarily burnt sienna and burnt umber, heavily thinned. We also used a check roller on some boards, and did a spatter and drag technique with burnt umber deepened with black on some other boards for variety. We added a shadow and highlight line at the "end" of each plank. Finally, we brushed on a protective coating of Off-Broadway clear flat acrylic glaze, mixed with 25% clear gloss glaze and 50% water.