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    Derek Epstein

This project was for a Costume Crafts Project. Our assignment was to make Armour. I chose to replicate two shields from the movie How To Train Your Dragon. I made these using very little information from the movies because there was not alot to go on, the images from the production are the best of shields that I could find after searching through the internet for hours. I used one inch B/C ply for the base of the shields. I made a stencil and pounced the design onto the shield and then used Rosco Super Sat and Broadway paint to produce the colors on the shields. The red was watered down and gave a really unique stain look that the shields have. The "metal" pieces in the center of the shield were created using faShape over molds and the outer edge that is made to look like metal is Masonite. The metal color was created using craft spray paint, sadly not Rosco brand, do you guys make spray paint? the painted parts of the shield except for the metal parts were coated with Polyurethane to give it a shine. Research photos included for reference.

Thanks for the great Products :)

Derek Epstein
Scenic Design, Student
Theater and Dance Department
University of Wyoming
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