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    chris walker

Production - Sister Act 2 - Back in the Habit. Great Barr School - Birmingham, UK. 4-6 July 2012

Stained Glass Window - Though not a scenic product, the use of Rosco Gel to create the stained glass window creates an interesting lighting effect when effectively lit from behind. The main window frame was made from MDF in 4 panels, and finished by mixing a small amount of Velour Black supersat paint with commercial white emulsion to create a light grey. Shadows/detailing finished with Velour Black. The Gel sections were taped together with sugarpaper 'leading' and stapled onto the back of the frame. I feel the finished piece of set works very effectively.

Flats were painted using a combination of Supersat paint and commercial poster paints. Specific supersat paints used - Velour Black, Moly Orange, Spectrum Red and Cerulean Blue.