Rosco Screen FAQ's

I need a screen with the widest possible viewing angle; which Rosco screen material should I use?

If you are doing rear projections your best choice is twin white for a wide viewing cone. If you need a front projection screen choose front white for wide viewing.

I want to do front and rear projections; which Rosco screen should I choose?

Twin white is the screen of choice if you need to do both front and rear projections. You may also use grey screen if you want the projection surface to blend into your scenic elements.

Can I use Rosco screen as a bounce drop?

Yes. Light translucent and front white are excellent choices for bounce drops. Twin white will also do a good job.

What is the "standard" edge finish on a Rosco custom screen?

"Standard" finish is grommets on 12" centers on the top edge with a pipe pocket on the bottom.

What options do I have for edge finishing on my custom Rosco screen?

You have many options ranging from no finish to velcro to snaps to grommets all around. Call your local Rosco dealer for full details.

Can I have Rosco custom screens made in different shapes?

Yes. Rosco will manufacture screens in any shape. Please provide a dimensional drawing and call your local Rosco dealer for pricing.

How can I get the wrinkles out of my custom screen?

Upon receipt of your screen; bring to room temperature and hang immediately. The wrinkles should disappear within a day or two. If you have very stubborn wrinkles turn the stage lights on to warm the screen up a bit, this will speed the process. Please note: Rosco does not recommend the use of heat guns on screens for wrinkle removal as the intense, concentrated heat may damage the screen.