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Lee HT to Rosco Supergel Conversion Chart

Case Study: A Model Solution For LED Lighting Upgrades – RoscoLED® Tape

Case Study: Revealing “The Secret” Lighting Tricks Illuminating An Experimental Film

Case Study: How To Make A Large-Scale Wood Graining Tool

Case Study: Rosco Custom LitePads® Bring “Spineless Wonders” To Life At Bishop Museum

FlexBond - GHS SDS

DMG MAXI MIX User Manual


Case Study: Background Info On The 2020 ADG Award Nominees

Premiere Clear Flat - GHS SDS

Premiere Clear Satin - GHS SDS

Premiere Clear Gloss - GHS SDS

5992 Paynes Gray - GHS SDS

5976 Brilliant Red - GHS SDS

5974 Imperial Green - GHS SDS