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Case Study: Rosco Image Spots® Illuminate Poetic Gobo Projections at Château de Bonaguil

Image Spot® HO Specification Language

Case Study: Lighting Between The Scrims With Rosco Braq Cubes®

Case Study: Casting Light On A Conspiracy: Behind-The-Scenes On White House Plumbers

Rosco Image Spot® HO User Guide

Case Study: 3 Reasons Why Scenic Paint Outperforms Hardware Store Paint On Stage

Case Study: Subtle Lighting Effects Evoke The Mystery Of Chinese Ritual Bronzes

Case Study: Illuminating Monsters On Stage In A Saturated Color Scheme

Case Study: Three Lighting Setups From Gangs Of London Featuring DMG Lights

Why DMG DASH is Perfect for Content Creators & Streamers Video

Case Study: Wireless, Compact, Colorful - DMG DASH Is Ideal For Onstage Lighting

Case Study: Why DMG DASH is Perfect for Content Creators & Streamers

Case Study: Creating A Lush Garden Background For Man Vs Bee With Rosco SoftDrop®

Rosco Image Spot® HT DWG File

Rosco Image Spot® DWG File