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Case Study: National Geographic Encounter Creates A Virtual Ocean Odyssey With Rosco Lighting Effects

RoscoLED® Tape Static White Gaffer Kits User Guide (Discontinued)

Custom LitePad CCT IES File - 6500K

Custom LitePad CCT IES File - 4000K

Custom LitePad CCT IES File - 3000K

Rosco Floor Wizard

2CH/DMX Dimmer Quick Start Guide

Case Study: The Magic Of Rosco Gels (And Why Photographers Should Watch As Much TV As Possible)

Case Study: Defuse The Glitter Bomb! How To Create Sparkly Costumes Without The Glittery Fallout

Case Study: A UV Effect Gives An Angel Its Wings

Case Study: Turn Winter Into Summer Overnight With Rosco SoftDrop®

Chroma Floor™ Spec Sheet

Case Study: Miro Cube® UV Energizes The Power Of Rock

Case Study: Bringing Veterans’ Stories To Light (Discontinued)

X-Effects® LED Projector CE Declaration of Conformity