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Resource Center

A central hub of information about all Rosco products

Case Study: Highlighting The Architectural Details Of A Gothic Façade With Rosco Image Spots®

Case Study: Creating An Aurora For Antarctic Dinosaurs Using The X-Effects® LED Projector

Case Study: Introducing Image Spot Mini

Case Study: Image Spot® Shines A Light On Organ & Tissue Donation

Case Study: Legends of Tomorrow

Case Study: Creating Brilliant, Sharp Projections On Uneven Surfaces

Rosco All Products REACH Declaration of Compliance

Rosco All Products RoHS Declaration of Compliance

Case Study: National Geographic Encounter Creates A Virtual Ocean Odyssey With Rosco Lighting Effects

X-Effects® LED Projector CE Declaration of Conformity

Image Spot UV Specification Language

Image Spot UV Photometrics Data Sheet

Image Spot UV Data Sheet

Image Spot CE Declaration of Conformity

Image Spot Lens Cover Installation Guide