RoscoLED® Tape

Vibrant, Versatile Lighting Solutions

Superior Color Rendering

Featuring SMD2835 white emitters – the full range of RoscoLED Tape products generate a high output of white light with 93 CRI and 92 TLCI. RoscoLED Tape products can be mixed with other non-LED light sources for seamless project integration – without additional filtration or modification of the LEDs.

Bold Colors, Subtle Tints And Warm Hues

Featuring vibrant red, green and blue emitters, RoscoLED Tape VariColor products provide full-range color-mixing options. Available in three variants – RGB + Cool White, RGB + Warm White and RGB Amber – the VariColor range of RoscoLED Tape can produce virtually any color, tint or hue your project requires.

Plug-&-Play Connectivity

Each reel of RoscoLED Tape comes pre-configured with a multi-pin connector that is designed to quickly plug into our RoscoLED Control Boxes, Extension Cables and Splitters – no field-soldering required! RoscoLED Tape Kits are designed for quick and simple installation – featuring a balanced combination of 5m reels of LED tape and a matching control box for power and DMX dimming control.

Wide Variety Of Power & Dimming Controls

An extensive range of power-switching and control-interface accessories is available for color & dimming control of RoscoLED Tape. This includes: our engineered RoscoLED Control Boxes, a full complement of 24VDC power supplies and control interfaces for 0-10VDC, Dali and PWM DMX protocols.

Engineered Profiles For Protection, Integration And Beam Shaping

RoscoLED Tape Profiles enable enhanced thermal performance of RoscoLED Tape, while providing a durable, aesthetic housing for simple integration into any project. Available in a wide range of sizes, the RoscoLED Tape Profiles are field cut-able and feature a variety of beam-shaping lens options, enabling fully-customized installation.