White, red and black show floor

Show Floor

This super glossy floor is perfect for special events, commercials and fashion promotions. This high shine floor adds just the right sparkle to any venue. Show Floor is not designed for heavy traffic or permanent installation. It is available in Black, White and Red and provides a medium floor speed.

Show Floor is sold by the full roll only, cut footage is not available.


6'-0" (1.83m)


60' (18.29m)


.08" (2mm)

Co-calendared wear layer: 0.032” (0.08 mm)

Middle and backing layers: 0.048” (1.2 mm)


275 lbs. (125 kg) per roll


Constructed in multiple layers; consisting of poly vinyl chloride, resin, plasticizers and pigments


Choose this floor for:

Fashion Shows, Events, Commercials or Car Shows



Use with:

Vinyl Tape and Double Stick Tape

Floor Speed:



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