An Alternative Solution For Studios With Windows

Quick and Easy Adjustments As Lighting Conditions Change

Most lighting professionals agree on the need to balance outdoor and studio light when there is a window in the TV or video picture. Most often the needed correction is made by applying Rosco color correction or neutral density filters to the windows.

Now these filters can balance the brightness and color temperature of the outdoor light quickly and conveniently in your studio through the RoscoShade system. The system allows you to lower the correct window filter to suit the time of day or lighting conditions. The custom filter shades are made to precisely fit your studio window, so there is no light leak or glare. You can choose the filtration you need and have it in place in just a few seconds by electronically or manually lowering or retracting the appropriate material.

Rosco is pleased to partner with blackwalnut, an award-winning scenic design and build company, to provide creative window control solutions for film, TV and broadcast studios. Blackwalnut will oversee your project from quoting to installment. Contact blackwalnut for a quote.

A variety of filtering materials can be specified for a RoscoShades studio installation, including RoscoShade Scrim. The scrim shade is usually placed furthest from the window and efficiently reduces unwanted reflections.

The RoscoShades blackout channels are available in a range of standard or custom paint colors to blend with your existing or proposed architectural elements.

The window filters in the RoscoShade system can be raised and lowered manually, but many users prefer to add an electronic control to the system. This allows the material to be affixed in place in just a few seconds.

RoscoShade Light Control Materials

Manual or motorized controlled RoscoShades allow the user to lower a variety of different densities of Rosco neutral density filter, scrims and color correction filters in front of the windows. Varying the combination of materials allows you to closely match the exterior exposure to the interior studio lighting. RoscoShades use materials and fabrics which meet the quality and color accuracy required by motion picture and television professionals. These materials are available only with the RoscoShades system and are not sold independently.




RoscoShade 60003

ND.3 1-fstop

50% transmission film

RoscoShade 60006

ND.6 2f-stop

25% transmission film

RoscoShade 60009

ND.9 3f-stop

12% transmission film

RoscoShade 60080


CTS nominal daylight to tungsten correction

RoscoShade 60085


CTO nominal daylight to tungsten correction

RoscoShade Scrim 60


50% transmission black weave fabric

RoscoShade Scrim 90


25% transmission black weave fabric

RoscoShade Blackout


5000 15-oz reinforced graphic vinyl

RoscoShade Rollers

RoscoShades are made from customized brackets and rollers for motorized systems or enclosed configurations for manual systems. You can have up to four different rollers of materials on a motorized single window. Manual systems are restricted to three rollers. Chain position (left or right side) is an option depending on the number of rollers.

RoscoShade Control

Besides manual chain operation, Rosco offers motorized operation RoscoShades.

DMX Lighting Board Control

For Special Applications.

RoscoShades using ILT motors can be controlled through a DMX lighting board. To accomplish this, the DMX signal must be converted to a format recognized by the RoscoShade transmitter. Using an interface module the DMX command is converted and sent to the RTS transmitter which relays the appropriate command to the motors.

Groups of motors, usually the same materials, can be assigned a DMX channel to open them, close them or stop in between. These same groups can be assigned to manual switches as well.

Should you wish to use this control option please discuss with Rosco when you begin your Project Questionaire.

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