Miro Cube® 2 OPTI-SCULPT Lens Kit

Rosco OPTI-SCULPT lenses provide precise angular beam control to accurately control the shape of the light with increased brightness over other diffusion filters. Our proprietary OPTI-SCULPT manufacturing process features engineered light distribution that has been laboratory tested for accuracy and repeatability.

This kit of symmetrical OPTI-SCULPT lenses is the same kit that is included with the Miro Cube 2 4C, 4CA, and WNC fixtures. Each kit contains three lenses: 20°, 30°, and a reversible 40°R60° OPTI-SCULPT lens.

Visit the OPTI-SCULPT product page to learn more about the properties of these unique beam-shaping lenses.

Additional OPTI-SCULPT Lens accessories are also available for the Miro Cube 2.

Note: OPTI-SCULPT is not intended for use with the Miro Cube 2 UV365 black light.

Miro Cube 2 - OPTI-SCULPT™ Lens Kit (20º/30º/40ºR60º)