Intelligent Fog System

The Intelligent Fog System (IFS) provides fog precisely where and when it's needed, when it is needed for permanent or long-running installations. The IFS addresses specific issues that are encountered in permanent installations of machines to generate fog effects. Features, such as self-cleaning functionality, modular components and a centralized fluid delivery system, make IFS ideally suited for the demanding conditions found in dark rides, themed attractions, signage and long-running shows.

Designed to require minimal maintenance, IFS utilizes compressed air to periodically purge the heat exchanger and help prevent clogging. The cleaning or "purge" cycle can be accessed manually or triggered automatically using show control. In addition to the cleaning cycle, effects designers can utilize the compressed air to create customized fog effects.



Power Requirements:

14A at 120 VAC/60hz
7A at 230 V AC/50hz


Maximum 5 Liter/Hour Fluid Consumption


Closed Contacts


Control Module: 12.125" x 10.125" x 5.125" (30.8cm x 25.7cm x 13cm)
Heater Module: 13" x 6" x 5.5" (33cm x 15.2cm x 14cm)


Rugged 16g steel case
Chip resistant powder-coated paint


AMPTP Safety Bulletin #10 compliant
RoHS Compliant


5 Year

Built around modular components using industrial grade parts, IFS is designed to be easy to maintain. Each fog generator consists of a Control Module and Heat Exchanger Module that are connected by a 15' umbilical cord. IFS Heat Exchanger Modules are designed specifically to fit into small spaces so the fog can be placed exactly where it is required, without the need for ducting. Self-closing connections allow units to be quickly and easily swapped out for maintenance.

Rosco Intelligent Fog Machines enable the ability to generate fog in multiple discrete locations, without the need to maintain fluid bottles at each machine. The central fluid distribution center of the IFS uses a bulk fluid supply system that can deliver any Rosco fog fluid to several Heat Exchanger Modules within a 300' radius. Rosco's 50 gallon fluid drums and 275 gallon IBC containers are shipped with a unique, integrated dip tube that connects directly to the fluid distribution system via a self-closing connector - eliminating fluid handling and potential contamination or spillage.

The Intelligent Fog System utilizes the entire range Rosco fog fluids to achieve a wide variety of effects and carries a limited 5-year warranty. IFS systems are POA; please contact Rosco for more information.

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