GaffTac™ 1in Marking Tape

GaffTac™ Marking Tape is ideally suited for all of the marking and labeling projects faced by technicians and entertainment professionals. The slightly textured surface of the cotton backing promotes quick drying and helps prevent markers, paint pens and china markers from smudging. Excellent bonding from the synthetic rubber blend adhesive will hold securely on a variety of surfaces - from road cases & work boxes, truss, cable ends, or lighting desks - to name a few - yet still remove cleanly and quickly.

GaffTac™ 1in MarkingTape is made on a traditional cotton cloth and vinyl coated fabric base and uses a synthetic rubber blend adhesive. This combination provides high tack with excellent adhesion yet still removes cleanly without leaving behind a sticky residue. It's also easily tearable, which means no need for cutting tools. The textured weave of cotton fabric helps insure a non-reflective, matte surface, making it perfect for taping down various set and lighting components, as well as maintaining clean, legible written text.

Put up:

Single Roll
Case of 48 rolls (96 roll/case for 1/2in)


1in x 27 yrds (24mm x 25m)


Black or White


Vinyl coated cotton fabric


Synthetic rubber blend

Finished Thickness:

11.5 mil ± 0.3 mils (292 um)

Peel Adhesion:

50 oz. / inch

Tensile Strength:

50 lbs per inch

Temperature Resistence:

Up to 200°F (93°C)


  • Vinyl coated cotton backing cloth
  • Sythetic rubber blend adhesive
  • Supple 11.5 mil base
  • 1in wide, in black or white


  • Absorbent cotton backing resists smudging
  • Matte, non-glaring surface
  • Conforms to odd shaped and irregular surfaces
  • Holds securely but releases cleanly from most materials
  • Hand tearable - no cutting tools required


Product Number

851 12221 1BOX

GaffTac™ - 1in Marking Tape - Black 24mm x 25m - 48 count Case

851 12221 2425

GaffTac™ - 1in Marking Tape - Black 24mm x 25m

851 12222 1BOX

GaffTac™ - 1in Marking Tape - White 24mm x 25m - 48 count Case

851 12222 2425

GaffTac™ - 1in Marking Tape - White 24mm x 25m

GaffTac™ 1in Marking Tape Data Sheet