Custom Finished Rosco Screen

Rosco will cut, weld and finish our screen material to your specifications. Pricing includes grommets on 12" centers, hemmed edges and a pipe pocket and/or skirt with vertical seams. Unusual shapes and edge finishing are available but may require an additional set-up charge. Unusual shapes require that a dimensional drawing be provided for proper estimating.

All screens are designed for excellent color rendering and good contrast. Rosco screens are specified by major opera houses and theatres around the world. All screens are durable, washable and inherently flame retardant and should be viewed from the matte side to help minimize the unwanted effects of ambient light.

Screens are priced to the next largest foot. 100 square foot minimum.

Delivery is available in as little as two weeks.

Specifying and ordering the Rosco screen you need

You can most easily order your Rosco Screen through your Rosco dealer, usually the same people who supply you with Rosco scenic paint or Roscolux color filters.

You must specify:

  1. The type and color of screen required (Twin White, Front White, Black, Grey, or Light Transparent).
  2. The height and width of screen to its outside dimension (to calculate square footage on an irregularly shaped screen, draw a box around the shape and determine the square footage of the box).
  3. Type of finishing required:
    1. Top - typically grommets on 12" centers.
    2. Bottom - typically a 4" pipe pocket.
    3. Sides - typically 2" fold over and seamed.
    4. Skirt- 1 foot (0.305 meter) height by width of cyclorama attached to the top of the bottom hem or pipe pocket location. Designed so when cyclorama is at the floor the skirt lays on the floor before pipe rests on the deck. This blocks unwanted light leak of backlighting or ground rows.
  4. Delivery Date.


Custom footage only available in USA, Canada, and Australia:


Screen - Grey Custom sqft - Finished


Screen - Grey sqft - Unfinished


Screen - Twin White Custom sqft - Finished


Screen - Twin White sqft - Unfinished


Screen - Black Custom sqft - Finished


Screen - Black sqft - Unfinished


Screen - Light Transparent Custom sqft - Finished


Screen - Light Transparent sqft - Unfinished


Screen - Front White Custom sqft - Finished


Screen - Front White sqft - Unfinished


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