CrystalGel is a non-toxic, water-based material which provides a clear, plastic-like coating on virtually any surface used in modern stagecraft. It air dries quickly - usually within hours - to a flexible, translucent surface. When dry, it can be painted with any Rosco Scenic Paint, or carved, or safely rolled without cracking, peeling, or sticking. Such products as sand, sawdust or powdered clay can be added to it to create unique textures. Paint, dye, glitter, mica powders may also be added to CrystalGel and then applied to a substrate.

CrystalGel is a styrene resin, providing the greatest adhesion power of any non-oil based product. Among the soft surfaces to which CrystalGel will adhere are styrofoam, ethafoam and, of course, muslin and fabrics. Among the more rigid surfaces to which CrystalGel will adhere are metals, glass, plastics, wood, Luan and fiberboard. It is particularly effective in adhering to plexiglass without cracking or falling off.

You can apply CrystalGel to a 2 x 4 with a tool as simple as a plastic spoon. The material will hold an edge without melting.

CrystalGel will adhere to a number of materials used in stagecraft. Some examples, shown here, are upholstery foam, polystyrene, pine, aluminum, ethafoam road and steel.

Many scenic artists will use a cake decorating tool for applying CrystalGel. It's shown here being applied to aluminum.

You can use a pastry tube to apply CrystalGel, especially when using it as an adhesive for attaching beading. You can add dye to CrystalGel to create decorative details. That is also most easily accomplished with a pastry tube.

We used a chip brush to apply CrystalGel to plexiglass. We added leather dye to the CrystalGel to help create a stained glass or textured glass effect.

Drying Time: Varies with thickness of coating, but usually dries to the touch between one and eight hours. Allow 24 hours for complete cure.

Coverage: Varies with application method, tool and substrate; approximately 250 sq. ft. per gallon (23 sq. m. per 3.79L).

Clean-Up: Easy clean up with soap and water. Be sure to clean before CrystalGel completely dries. Once dried, clean up is difficult.

Application: Apply by brush, roller, pastry tube, trowel, tongue depressor or any other convenient means. CrystalGel has the consistency of hair gel. It may be thinned with water for a more liquid consistency. However the binder strength may be compromised if thinned more than 10%.

Surface Preparation: All surfaces should be clean, dry, dust and grease free before application.

Shelf Life: Minimum 12 months

Packaging: 1 Gallon and 5 Gallon (3.79L and 18.95L).

CAUTIONS: Do not apply when surface or air temperature is below 50°F (10°C). Protect unused product against freezing. CrystalGel will freeze and become unusable at temperatures below 32°F (0°C). Do not take internally. Use with adequate ventilation. Keep out of the reach of children.

All technical data, recommendations and service are accurate to the best of our knowledge. Rosco assumes no responsibility for the results obtained or damage incurred from use by the buyer in whole or in part since method of application and its use is beyond our control.

Product Numbers

150 07400 0128

CrystalGel - Gallon

150 07400 0640

CrystalGel - 5 Gallon

CrystalGel Data Sheet

CrystalGel - GHS SDS

CrystalGel - SDS

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