Chroma Key Backdrops

Rosco ChromaDrop is a hung fabric backdrop that is manufactured to create a green screen or blue screen in broadcast/video studios and film and video productions. Smaller sizes are excellent for location shoots or for hanging inside home studios. Larger and custom ChromaDrops are available for installation into virtual sets inside television studios and sound stages.

Available In Popular Sizes

ChromaDrops are manufactured in four sizes:

6' W x 4' H (1.83 X 1.22 M)
8' W x 6' H (2.44 X 1.83 M)
10' W x 8' H (3.05 X 2.44 M)
10' W x 10' H (3.05 X 3.05 M)
Custom sizes available upon request.

Matches Rosco Chroma Key Paint

Rosco Chroma Key Paint colors have become the standard for chroma key digital compositing. These green screen & blue screen backdrops will match any virtual set environment painted with Rosco Chroma Key paints.

Seamless Blue & Green Screens

Seams cause shadows that make keying difficult. ChromaDrops are manufactured with 17' (5.2m) wide fabric. This provides seamless green screen & blue screen backdrops up to 12’ high!

Flame Retardant & Washable

ChromaDrop is manufactured using an Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) fabric. The material is waterproof and will maintain its flame resistance, even after washing.

Ready For Use Out Of The Bag

Each ChromaDrop ships with flame retardant ties attached to stainless steel grommets inside a water-resistant bag.

What’s in the Box?

  • One ChromaDrop (Blue or Green)
  • Water Resistant Bag
  • Ties attached



80 Mesh Polyethylene Coated Waterproof Fabric


Chroma Key Green and Chroma Key Blue


Maintain Average Humidity of 70°F (21.1°C)
Keep Protected From Direct Sunlight


Stainless Steel Grommets Across the Top and Sides
Top Grommet Spacing: 9.8” (25cm) centers
Side Grommet Spacing: 19.6” (50cm) centers
Bottom Contains Lead Rope For Counterweight

Flame Retardancy:

Inherently Flame Retardant
Flame Retardancy Maintained When Wet or Laundered


Product Numbers

477057050604 – ChromaDrop Blue 6' W x 4' H (1.83 X 1.22 M)
477057050806 – ChromaDrop Blue 8' W x 6' H (2.44 X 1.83 M)
477057051008 – ChromaDrop Blue 10' W x 8' H (3.05 X 2.44 M)
477057051010 – ChromaDrop Blue 10' W x 10' H (3.05 X 3.05 M)
477057050001 – ChromaDrop Blue, Custom Size

477057070604 – ChromaDrop Green 6' W x 4' H (1.83 X 1.22 M)
477057070806 – ChromaDrop Green 8' W x 6' H (2.44 X 1.83 M)
477057071008 – ChromaDrop Green 10' W x 8' H (3.05 X 2.44 M)
477057071010 - ChromaDrop Green 10' W x 10' H (3.05 X 3.05 M)
477057070001 - ChromaDrop Green, Custom Size

ChromaDrop & ChromaFly Data Sheet

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