Off Broadway FAQ's

What is the shelf life of Off Broadway?

Minimum shelf life for unopened, sealed paint is approximately 24 months when stored in temperature controlled location.

Can I intermix Supersaturated, Off Broadway and Deep Colors?

Yes. They may be intermixed freely.

What is the most effective use of Off Broadway?

Off Broadway is an easy-to-use, economical vinyl acrylic which adheres to most scenic surfaces. It was designed to be used right out of the bucket but may be diluted if so desired.

Can I use Off Broadway on Fabric?

Yes. Make sure the fabric has been properly prepared before painting. (How to Square and Size a Drop.)

Can I use Off Broadway on Metal?

Yes with proper surface cleaning and priming.

Can I use Off Broadway on Wood?

Yes as long as the wood has not been previously painted or stained with solvent based products.

Can I use Off Broadway on Plastics?

The plastics needs to be clean and free of dirt, grease and dust. It is best to test an area first to determine adhesion and if a primer or sanding maybe necessary.

What is Off Broadway made of?

Rosco Off Broadway is made of a vinyl acrylic resin, ground artists pigments and water.

What can I use Off Broadway on?

Off Broadway can be used on many of the scenic surfaces found in the entertainment industry. If used in conjunction with Rosco Tough Prime, Off Broadway can be used on almost everything.

Can I use Off Broadway once it has frozen and thawed?

Maybe. Allow the paint to thaw slowly, coming up to room temperature. If the paint has a normal consistency, with no lumps or curdles, it is fine. If it has "curdled" it has been ruined and should not be used.

Can I use Off Broadway to paint drops?

Yes. Off Broadway has excellent adhesion and flexibility when thinned which will minimize cracking when folded or rolled.

Can I thin Off Broadway to use as a glaze?

Yes. Off Broadway can be thinned with water and used as a glaze. If additional adhesion is desired, add Rosco Clear Acrylic Glaze when thinning.