Color Resource Gallery


  • Lighting Designer
    Zephan Ellenbogen
  • Venue
    Williamstown Theatre Festival
  • Producing Entity
    The Workshop

Directed by: Lila Neugabauer
Costumes: Clara Fath
Scenery: Lizz Nelson
Lighting: Zephan Ellenbogen
Produced by: The Workshop, Williamstown Theatre Festival

I used R20 in the window blinds-Perfect for a deep late afternoon sunset in the first picture. the 2nd picture has R3208 top light to create the interior of a shady motel room, as well as R3202 in the template for that perfect "blue hour" feel.
Other Rosco Colors used: R80, R365, R353

Thanks Rosco!!

PS-Our seminar with Chad and Wendy was AWESOME!!! Thank you to both of them so much for coming up and hanging out with a bunch of lighting interns

Colors Used:

  • R20
  • R3208
  • R3202
  • R80
  • R365
  • R353