Color Resource Gallery


  • Production
  • Lighting Designer
    Zachary Spitzer
  • Venue
    Antrim Playhouse
  • Producing Entity
    Randy Accardi

Dracula by Bram Stoker at Antrim Playhouse. Lighting Design: Zachary Spitzer; Director: Randy Accardi.

Color Used: R3204 (face), R26 (balc rail toner), R80 (balc rail toner), R360 (side/box boom toner), R304 (side/box boom toner), R63 (back), (as well as two Mac 2000 Performances from the front and two VL 2500s from the back for effects.)

Template Used: R77563 (glass bricks, no color)

(And yes, looking through the lightwright file I realized that this was, actually, an entirely rosco colored show!)

Colors Used:

  • R304
  • R360
  • R63
  • R3204
  • R80
  • R26