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  • Production
    Barbarous Nights
  • Lighting Designer
    Andrew Leitch
  • Venue
    Carnegie Mellon, School of Drama
  • Producing Entity
    Sam Creely

Barbarous Nights
Carnegie Mellon, School of Drama 2010-2011
Adapted and Directed by Sam Creely
Scenery by Michael Epstein
Costumes by Megan Spatz
Lighting by Andrew Leitch

Rosco Colors used: R385, R3202, R367, R16, R35, R112, R119, R64, R385, R50, R42, R52

Colors Used:

  • R3202
  • R367
  • R16
  • R35
  • R112
  • R119
  • R64
  • R385
  • R50
  • R42