Color Resource Gallery


  • Production
    Rabbit Hole
  • Lighting Designer
    Andrea Bilkey
  • Venue
    Texas Tech University
  • Producing Entity
    Bruce Hermann

"Rabbit Hole" 2010 Texas Tech University. Lighting Designer: Andrea Bilkey. Asst LD: Jacob Schenk. Scenic Designer: Vicki Ayers. Costume Designer: Roselaine Fox Hamilton. Director: Bruce Hermann. To illustrate the moments of "time marches on" through this story of life and loss, the lighting never went away. Typical interior moments were designed to be even and "real" and as if the audience were in the house with them. Instead of blackouts for prop changes, the actors moved about as they would in daily life with groceries, laundry, bringing in the mail and the lighting became more dimensional and colorful, representing "life continues" and feeling as if the audience were outside the house looking in. Photo 1 (with the wine) shows the typical interior. Photo 2 is the transition to the birthday party. Photo 3 the dad watches home movies of the son. Photo 4 the teen car driver narrating the letter as the mom reads it. Photo 5 the parents ponder their future. Colors used: R09-supporting the practical fixtures. R09x2-the daylight windows. R63-evening windows. R318-sunset windows. R69-SR back reflection. R317-SL back reflection. R362-evening front wall reflection. R305-front lamp support. R63-window for the teen and R361-surround for the teen.

Colors Used:

  • R09
  • R63
  • R318
  • R69
  • R317