Color Resource Gallery


  • Production
    Fathers and Sons
  • Lighting Designer
    Amy Elliott
  • Venue
    Paramount Mainstage
  • Producing Entity
    Benny Ambush

This production of Fathers and Sons had two sets, an exterior and an interior. The mood of the exterior scenes were heavily driven by the time of day. The first picture is the sunrise look which was faded into with a 20 minute cue from 'night' as people entered the theatre. The next two photos are from a scene that took place at sunset. The whole scene was a transition from late afternoon to twilight to night. The last two photos are of the second set which was interior. Part of the wall was actually a scrim that was revealed at the last moment of the play when the main character dies.

Colors Used:

  • R304
  • R356
  • R16
  • R321
  • R60
  • R09
  • R84