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  • Production
    Seven Stories
  • Lighting Designer
    Alia Stephen
  • Venue
    Capilano University
  • Producing Entity
    Dawn Moore

Colours used in this picture: R04,R19,R21,R332,R50,R62,R64,R68

Vivid colour choices were important to the production, in support of the over the top style and surrealism of the play. Less saturated colours were isolated to the actors, while bright colours were used for the silhouetting backlight, and from the front and sides to compliment the unusual material of the set.

Seven Stories, Capilano University (North Vancouver BC)
Director: Dawn Moore
Lighting Design: Alia Stephen
Set Design: Craig Alfredson
Costume Design: Barbara Gregusova
Photograph: Craig Alfredson

Colors Used:

  • R04
  • R19
  • R21
  • R332
  • R50
  • R62
  • R64
  • R68