Color Resource Gallery


  • Production
    Almost, Maine
  • Lighting Designer
    Alex Wong
  • Venue
    Boston University Tsai Performance Center
  • Producing Entity
    Wandering Minds

The director wanted this scene to be very intimate and close, so only center-stage was lit. A mix of R2 and R60 provided the front lighting, though this was kept low so as not to wash out the other fixtures. From the back, two specials with and four fresnels with R120 provided a nice red wash, and the light from the specials really brought out the color of the sacks. R80 in striplights provided light from above, with R82 providing a slightly lighter backlight. Two Source 4s with splits of R77 and R95 and R77805 breakup gobos added some texture to the stage, and two more Source 4's with GAM293 Heart gobos and cuts of R60 added some more intimate touches to the scene. The stars on the cyc used a combination of R71054 and R79005 gobos, and the aurora was through a X-24 X-Effects projector with R33005 Indigo Wave and Clear Ripple glass gobos.

Colors Used:

  • R120
  • R60
  • R82
  • R119
  • R77
  • R95
  • R80
  • R02