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  • Production
    Peter Pan
  • Lighting Designer
    Alex Boxall
  • Venue
    Meadowvale Theatre
  • Producing Entity
    City Centre Musical Productions 2011

Peter Pan - City Centre Musical Productions 2011
Meadowvale Theatre | Mississauga, ON
Lighting Design: Alex Boxall
Colours: R305 (Front), R124/125/126 (False "RGB" Fixture Top Wash), R21 (Warm Top Fill)
Gobo: R78228 (Irregular Dots)

Note: The false "RGB" wash came from a set of older Cyc Cells, treated as an RGB LED in the console.

The colours were chosen to convey the idea of 'Sunset' at the Indian Camp. The Gobo overlay was used to give the impression of moonlight breaking through the trees.
The depth of colour in this photo is being produced mainly by the twin Top Washes, with significant amber drift from the front light.

Colors Used:

  • R21
  • R124
  • R125
  • R126
  • R305