Color Resource Gallery


  • Production
  • Lighting Designer
    Alan Dembek
  • Venue
    Cinespace Chicago Film Studios
  • Producing Entity
    DePaul University

These photos are all screen grabs from a short film shot using Rosco Gels for cinema. The first photo is of a bartender experiencing an extraterrestrial event from inside of his tired bar late at night. The lights coming through the window are an Arri T12 and 3 1,000watt Pars all gelled with Rosco3202 Full CTB. The second photo is a shot from earlier in the film as the bartender makes his way around cleaning up the bar before closing. In the right corner of the frame you can see the window is raked with light; a 650 watt Mole-Richardson Tweenie with Rosco3152 Urban Vapor to replicate the glow of an exterior street light. The last photo is from the climax of the film as the roof of the bar is ripped open and flooded with light from an alien space ship. The bright blue glow is from a Mole-Richardson 9-lite Maxi that was faced with Rosco3202 Full Blue CTB (to match the color of the Elation Platinum Beam 5Rs) and then bloused with C3027 Diffusion.

Colors Used:

  • R3152
  • R3202