Color Resource Gallery


  • Production
    Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, Man From LaManch, No Exit, Cotton Patch Gospel
  • Lighting Designer
    Adam York

1. From CPCC Production of "Cat on a hot tin roof."- 2009
Front/side Lighting R-60
Background R-65 (on the set.
W/Rosco Forrest gobo. )
R-339 (on the trees)
R-47 (on Cyc)

2. From CPCC Production of "A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum"- 2009

Front Lighting R-316 (on Psyudolis
w/ Rosco Sun Gobo.)

Down lighting R-24 (on dancer)

3. From CPCC Production of "Man of LaMancha"- 2010

Front Lighting R-06/

Set Front lighting R-62

CYC R-124 Blue Silk

CYC Slashes R-339
(w/ Rosco Slash gobo)

4. From CAST Production of "No EXIT"- 2009

Front Lighting R-02

5. From the OCT production of "Cotton Patch Gospel"-2008

Front Lighting R-61

Down Lighting R-83

Background R-06

"All my designs use Rosco, and they always will. The diversity of color is astounding, and the effects are remarkable. It is the perfect choice to nail the mood of the moment no matter what piece you are working on. Keep up the good work and here is to another 100 years!"

- Adam York

All theaters located in Charlotte N.C.

Photography credits:

CPCC- Tom Covington
CAST- Maggie Hinkel
OCT- Adam Love

Colors Used:

  • R60
  • R65
  • R47
  • R339
  • R316
  • R06
  • R62
  • R02
  • R61
  • R124