Double Gobo Rotator

The Rosco Double Gobo Rotator is a precisely engineered, carefully manufactured device which offers spectacular effects at an affordable price.

The Double Rotator accepts two B size gobos. They are secured face to face in the optical path, secured with high temperature spring clips and aluminum retaining rings. This face to face configuration, made possible by durable but narrow gears, allows the two patterns to have a common center axis. The unit will accept either stainless steel gobos or any of the range of Rosco Glass Gobos. (Effects Adaptors will be necessary to adapt 79mm glass gobos to the 86mm opening.)

Speed and Direction

The Double Gobo Rotator has two variable speed, 12V DC motors, which control the speed and direction of each of the gobos independently. Each of the two motors requires two channels of drive. The DC/DMX controller will operate 2 Double Gobo Rotators or 4 Single Gobo Rotators.


The design of the Double Gobo Rotator allows the two gobos to be positioned less than 1.5mm apart, so that both gobos can be in sharp focus. The aluminum retainer rings(stepper rings), included with every rotator, allow you to experiment with different focus options. By using both retainer rings, you can achieve the effect of one gobo in sharp focus and one in soft focus. The retainer rings can field 3 levels of spacing between the gobos, making the focus options versatile.

Motor Options

The Rosco Double Rotator is available with many motor options. The standard 12V DC variable speed motors offer forward and reverse control of each motor independently of each other. This is very important when designing certain effects. Other motors available are the 1, 2, 5, and 10 rpm fixed speed motors. This configuration can plug into standard 100, 120 and 240 volt outlets (motor voltage must be specified when ordering) and will operate at it's fixed speed in opposing directions.

Note: Fixed speed rotators should only be plugged into the proper voltage outlet or a non-dim circuit on your dimmer console.

Power requirements
12V DC (variable units)
Bare ends (fixed speed units)

Connection to Controller
4 pin XLR

double gobo rotator specs image

Product Numbers

For ETC Source 4/Strand SL/Altman Shakespeare & 1K

205 21000 0120

DC Variable Speed 0-9rpm