Custom Glass Gobos

Customized glass patterns for projecting logos, monograms and décor

Whether you need B&W glass versions of your favorite Rosco steel designs or you need to project a color-matched logo for a corporate event, Rosco Custom Glass Gobos are the most effective way to provide superior projected imagery for the most demanding client or production manager. Choose Rosco to ensure perfect color and image design for your glass gobos.

With facilities in both the US and Europe, Rosco is the largest manufacturer of gobos in the world.  Our two art departments ensure nearly 24-hour coverage so that someone is almost always available to work on your gobo design.

Gobos Stochastic Screening

Stochastic Screening

Stochastic screening is a technique that uses a random dot pattern, which compared to conventional screening that uses a regular pattern of dots in straight rows, produces better image detail for gobos. Thanks to our stochastic screening process, Rosco Custom Glass Gobos do not produce moirés, rosettes or other ill effects found in other glass gobos.  While conventional screening can be an effective technique for other imagery, stochastic screening is a much better choice for gobos because it is able to provide finer detail and truer color on small images with fine, angular lines, smooth reflective surfaces and graduated tones.

Gobo Feature Dichroic

Rosco Manufactures Its Own Dichroic Glass

Dichroic glass is the basic building block for colored glass gobos, and we are the only gobo manufacturer that manufactures its own dichroic glass. This enables us to offer color consistency from gobo-to-gobo and from batch-to-batch, which means that the gobo we make today will match any replacement gobos we make in the future. We’re also able to manipulate the CMYK color-palette of the gobo, which allows us to provide unequalled color flexibility to satisfy the most particular requirements. We’re also capable of producing unique lighting effects such as metallic and pastel colors that other gobo manufacturers simply cannot match.

Gobos Ultra-Thin Layers Colormix

Ultra-Thin Layers

Custom colored glass gobos are made by stacking layers of dichroic glass with custom, etched patterns on top of each other in order to subtractively mix the colors needed for the image. Because Rosco manufactures its own dichroic glass, we are capable of producing ultra-thin CMYK layers to assemble incredibly thin gobos. Rosco Custom Glass Gobos are as thin as 1.1 mm for B&W and one-color gobos, and 1.9mm for multi-color gobos. This is particularly important because our ultra-thin glass gobos offer a superior focal plane for excellent image projection using the optical capabilities of modern gobo projectors and moving lights.

Gobo Wet Etching For Clean Vertical Cuts Colorcut

Wet Etching For Clean Vertical Cuts

Rosco's unique wet etching processes were created to perfectly complement the in-house dichroic glass capability, stochastic screening and specialized coatings developed by our in-house engineering and technical team. Our specialized etchant formula enhances our color-control of each CMY hue and optimizes gray scale gradients. This is important for exact matching of color artwork and gradient quality for creating extra-fine lines and details that other gobo companies can’t achieve.  The precise, vertical cut of the gobo produces a cleaner projection with less “feathering” of the image.

Gobo Standard Steel Designs In B&W Glass

Standard Steel Designs In B&W Glass

Many modern moving-lights generate so much heat that they are unable to use steel gobos. You can now get any Rosco or GAM gobo design, many of which are designed BY lighting designers FOR lighting designers, in a durable, heat-resistant Black & White Glass Gobo. These B&W custom glass gobos are available in virtually any size for any fixture, and they’ve got special, affordable pricing so that you can keep your favorite Rosco or GAM pattern in your design.

Custom B&W Glass Gobos

Substrate: Borofloat Glass

Gobo Thickness: 1.1mm

Size range: 8mm - 110mm (additional charges may apply for extra-large sizes)

Image Screen: Stochastic

Coating Information: Ultra Matte & Black AL

Gobo-carrier charges may apply for fixtures that require specialized carriers.


Custom Color Glass Gobos

Substrate: Borofloat Glass

Gobo Thickness: 1.1mm – 1.9mm (depending on type)              

Size Range: 10mm to 110mm (additional charges may apply for extra-large sizes)

Image Screen: Stochastic

Coating Information: Rosco-manufactured CMY dichroic glass

All dichroic layers are bezeled according to light-fixture specifications. Gobo-carrier charges may apply for fixtures that require specialized carriers.

Guidelines For Your Custom Glass Gobo Order

  1. Artwork Requirements




B&W: line art, grey-scale or photographic

600 dpi

Smooth tonal values require high resolution images.

Multi-Color: line art or Hi-Definition photo-gobo

800 dpi

To achieve smooth color blends and fine details requires a very high resolution file.

  1. Gobo Size and/or Fixture Type
    Rosco can manufacture custom glass gobos to fit virtually any light fixture available. The fixture you use will determine the size of the gobo you need. If you know the gobo size (B-size, M-size, etc) that your fixture requires, then that’s all we need. If you don’t know the actual gobo size, many times the fixture manufacturer will provide its gobo requirements, including the gobo’s outer diameter (O.D.) and image area (I.A.). To be sure you get a gobo that fits your fixture, it's always best to provide the make and model of the lighting instrument you are using when ordering. In some cases, particularly with new moving lights, a custom carrier is needed to mount the gobo inside the fixture. We do not stock gobo carriers for every moving light. Contact Rosco to determine the best route for acquiring the gobo carriers you may need.
  2. Logistics
    How many gobos do you need? Remember that the original gobo has a higher price to cover the design and tooling of your custom pattern, while copies of the same artwork and gobo size will cost significantly less. Do you want an extra copy to have on-hand as a backup? When do you need the gobos? What is the Ship-To address and what shipping method should we use to get your gobo to you on-time?
  3. Pick A Dealer
    Rosco sells through its distribution network of global dealers. We are happy to work with you directly concerning artwork and technical matters for your custom gobo order. When it comes time to place the actual order however, you will need to contact an authorized Rosco dealer. If you do not have a Rosco dealer that you’re used to working with, we can provide you with a list of dealers that are experts in providing world-class custom gobo service.
  4. Turnaround Times
    Rosco strives to meet whatever deadline the customer requires. We routinely ship gobos more quickly than the chart below indicates:




B&W or One-Color

2 Days

Gobo will be ready to ship 2 working days ARCO.


3 Days

Gobo will be ready to ship within 3 working days ARCO.

Multi-Color / Hi-Def

4 - 5 Days

Gobo will be ready to ship within 4 - 5 working days ARCO.

* ARCO = After Receipt of Complete Order. Complete order means we have received (a) acceptable artwork, (b) job details including gobo size, quantity, image details, etc., (c) Purchase Order from authorized Rosco Dealer. Rosco cannot begin to work on a job until we have received all of this information.

Rush options are also available for customers that need their custom glass gobo faster than the chart above reflects (additional Rush Charges may apply).

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Custom Gobo Guidelines

Glass Gobo Color Specifications for Custom Artwork

Preparing And Submitting Artwork

Standard Gobo Sizes